Healthy Food: The coconut bowls are perfect for smoothie bowls, salad bowls, rice bowls and others to kick-start your healthy lifestyle. Whether it is for breakfast, vegan food or a smoothie bowl these natural bowls are nature’s best bowls for healthy food.

Unique: Every Uwa bowl is crafted from its own coconut shell making it unique in its own shape, size, marking and imperfections. They are unique with their own DNA, just like you. That means when you buy a natural bowl, nobody else in the world will have a bowl just like yours.

Zero Waste Philosophy: Our bowls are made from discarded coconut shells from our factory. Upcycling is a zero waste philosophy transforming unwanted by-products into new valuable products.

Exquisitely Handcrafted: The coconut bowl and spoon set is handmade in Abuja, Nigeria by local artisans. They are crafted from raw coconut shells which are cleaned, polished and then conditioned with coconut oil. The cutlery is crafted from coconut shell too.

The Perfect Eco-friendly Gift: Surprise your loved ones with this unique set of earth bowls. The bowl set is a perfect vegan gift for everyone following an eco-conscious and healthy lifestyle.

The coconut bowl set includes * 4 Coconut bowls * 2 Wooden Spoon Size The diameter of the coconut bowl is around 12 to 15 cm and they are 5 to 6 cm high. The wooden cutlery is 18 cm long *Please Note that the organic bowls are made from natural coconut shells and can vary slightly in size and colour.

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