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Enjoy our delicious backstory


In may 2022, Meta (facebook’s parent company) recognized and showcased Bonita Foods and seven other outstanding and innovative African brands in their “Made in Africa, Loved by the world” global campaign, launched as part of their Africa Day celebrations.

It was truly humbling and inspiring to see that our hard work, creativity, and innovation was actually making a difference in the world

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So how did we go from a small kitchen experiment in Nigeria to an internationally recognized brand?

It all started back in 2017

I was living in Nigeria when I came to the realization that there were no healthy and tasty plant-based snack options available. All the snacks on the market tasted terrible, had too much sugar, too many carbs, or were ridiculously priced. As an adventurous foodie & snack connoisseur, I found this situation unacceptable. Determined to find a solution, I decided to source sustainable fruits and experiment with wild snack recipes in my kitchen. To collect feedback, I enlisted a small group of beta testers, including my colleagues who were avid snackers.

Yummy snacks need sustainably sourced raw materials

In Nigeria, we have an abundance of fruits and nuts that are often wasted during harvest season because we can’t eat them all or preserve them for long. I decided to tackle this challenge by using abundant coconuts, peanuts, cashews, and bananas as raw materials for unique and delicious snacks that can be enjoyed on the go by everyone.

I went even further and partnered with local artisans to upcycle discarded coconut shells into . This effort to minimize waste eventually grew into a standalone sustainable brand called “UWA BOWLS” which offers a range of beautiful functional hand-crafted products like coconut bowls and cutlery.

Making a difference with relentless, mission-driven innovation

Through relentless experimentation, I eventually stumbed upon our signature coconut snack recipe which became an instant bestseller. Encouraged by all the positive feedback I received, I introduced a variety of fruits and nuts into my healthy snack recipes and soon after, I officially launched the Bonita Foods brand. As of today, we are an internationally recognized brand offering six snack categories across Nigeria through our vast network of retail distributors and internationally via our Amazon store. With all the growth we’ve experienced over the last seven years, our mission as a brand has remained consistent.

At Bonita Foods, we remain committed to creating healthy, delicious, plant-based snacks that anyone can indulge in guilt-free without sacrificing sustainability or damaging the planet with waste.