Hello there!

I am Winifred, founder, and CEO of Bonita Foods. My husband fondly calls me Bonita, which means “beautiful” in Spanish. This birthed the name Bonita Foods.

I started Bonita Foods in the summer of 2016 in my kitchen. I’ve always loved to cook and experiment with new ideas and recipes, so I found myself doing the same with healthy snacks and getting my friends and family to try them. When I became a mom, I started developing healthy snacks for the family using my favorite food, coconut. I tried several creations, some of these turned out really delicious, others outright disasters! I chuckle at the memory now. It was during this period that I created our best selling product- Baked Coconut Chips (Original) and it’s been an interesting ride ever since.

At Bonita Foods, we are passionate about creating healthy, yet flavorful snacks that are good for you. We are committed to ensuring our products are innovative, made from locally sourced ingredients, low in sugar, and without preservatives/ additives.

We are a female and black-owned business, with a predominantly female workforce committed to empowering women to contribute meaningfully to their families and communities.

We hope you enjoy our products. Please tell us what you think, we would love to hear from you.

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