Not even lying


Bonita Foods launched in 2017 a few months after tons of delicious experiments involving several flavors of crunchy coconut chips.



Before starting Bonita Foods, our founder Winifred was a Power Sector Adviser for the Nigerian Transmission Company.

After which she moved to KPMG UK as an auditor in 2007 and back to Nigeria in 2010, where she completed her NYSC at the Central Bank of Nigeria, joining the Bank subsequently as a full-time staff after a 1-year stint as an Asset Manager at The Infrastructure Bank of Nigeria.

By 2015, being an avid snacker, a food lover, and a daring go-getter who was constantly looking for something delicious to invent, experimenting with new flavours and healthy snack ideas, she had a crazy idea to start a healthy snack company.

The rest, they say, is history.

When Winifred is not running the show at Bonita foods, she is reading a book or hanging out with her friends.

She is a first-class graduate of Economics and Finance from the University of Reading UK and holds a Masters Degree from Imperial College Business School London.

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