Enjoy Our Secret collection of 12 Delicious Recipes With a

Coconut-flavored Plot Twist

P.S. Baked Coconut Chips Required For ALL Recipes

RECIPE #1. Coconut + shrimp Vegetable Salad

RECIPE #2. Coconut cookies recipe

RECIPE #3. Coconut Granola recipe

RECIPE #4. Crusted Chicken + shrimp

RECIPE #5. Coconut Beans

RECIPE #6. Coconut + Banana Bread

RECIPE #7. Garri + Coconut Parfait

RECIPE #8. Coconut Flavored Oatmeal

RECIPE #9. Tropical Fried Rice

RECIPE #10. Banana + Coconut Smoothie

RECIPE #11. Coconut Rice

RECIPE #12.  Mugcake + Ice cream 

You won't believe what these customers are saying behind our back...

"I used this for the parfait I made for a client and they loved it. Keep it up guys"

Qween Abike// Parfait creator

"I  tasted @bonitatreats baked coconut chips for the first time....AMAAAAAZZZZING! 

I'm surprised I left any for my cake as I almost finished the whole carton"

Paula // Baker @Paulastreat

"I'm addicted. I've been chewing and chewing. Please I want a carton"

June // Female founder

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